Last date of submitting scanned Philatelic exhibits (online) extended till 27.11.2021, 12 Noon.


The study of postage stamps and history is known as Philately. The collection, appreciation and research activities on stamps and other products is also referred to as Philately. Philately is not just stamp collection or the study of postage; one can be a philatelist without owning stamps. For instance, rare stamps or the ones in museums can be studied. Historically a postage stamp began as a piece of paper, receipt denoting a specific value, which was token of prepayment for postal service equivalent to its face value. Postage stamps perform multifarious roles of being the paper ambassadors representing dear country of origin, to being brand images of their postal administrations, promoters of the image of a nation and as collectibles. Universality and history associated with the postage stamps attaches to them and aura which is far beyond their physical form.


Philatelic exhibitions at all levels viz. National, Circle, State and District level are organised by the Department of Posts to promote philatelic activities. But in order to maintain the COVID protocol philatelic exhibitions involving philatelists, School children and general member of the public to exhibit their collections physically is not practically feasible.

Under such circumstances, Department of Posts is organizing philatelic exhibitions in virtual platform to enable the philatelist students and other interested persons in philately to exhibit their valuable collection of stamps and ancillaries. Not only that the motto of this virtual platform is to provide an opportunity to the students and interested person to prove their talent in various innovative fields.