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About Bankura Postal Division

Bankura Posta Division is under the administrative control of the Superintendent of Post Offices, Bankura Division, Bankura. The Postal network of Bankura Postal Division covers the whole Bankura Revenue District with one Head Post Office, 54 Sub Post Offices and 433 Branch Post Offices. Postal services are catered among 65743 households throughout 6882 square km area by Bankura Postal Division.

The soul of Bankura hides in its rural villages. Most of the villagers are farmers and other people work as carpenters, potters etc. Bankura has an international fame for the “Bankura Horse”- a terracotta crafted horse, and for Dashabatar Tash (the historic paintings). Bankura is famous for agriculture, the huge production of ‘Mustard’.

A major part of Bankura is involved in artworks like Dokra, Pattachitra and Terracotta. People also depend on craftworks made of bell metal, conch shell and sand stone. You will find master weavers working in the garment industry which is famous for Baluchari, silk and handloom Sarees.

Bishnupur, the temple town in the Bankura district of West Bengal is welcoming you with its lavish heritage, proud culture, brilliant architecture and tales of terracotta.

Shri Madhusudan Roy

Superintendent of Post Offices, Bankura